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Born in Ohio, I’ve been writing since a child, for myself, for others, for work, for play. Now the Windows Trilogy is finished and I’m breaking out to new writing adventures. Will you come along with me? I hope so because you’re one of the reasons I do this.

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Ye kenna run freae waikness: ye buist some time fechtit oot or perish; an if tis so, whit fer nou, an whaur ye staund?                                       Robert Lewis Stevenson

October 2017 - ​​From Linda...

Please forgive me for speaking of storms last month - enough already - UNCLE! 
Fall is upon us and further north the leaves drift in beautiful colors. Here in Florida, we rake the brown oak leaves which, in truth, never seem to stop falling all year round. They are smaller leaves, leathery strong and can last months on the ground before joining the soil. The squirrels love burying acorns in these leaf layers; soon the humans will have a bumper crop of nursling oaks to pull out of their yards. But we take joy in knowing the winter will be a sunny one. 

THISTLE & STONE readers have relayed some good reviews and I appreciate it so much. One gal started the novella in her doctor's waiting-room then went home to finish it the same day while hubby ate leftovers (sorry guy). Reviews are needed so please go to Amazon or Goodreads and enters yours! 

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Click into 'Thistle & Stone - the New Book' board with its photography of western Scotland and several irish wolfhounds like 'Jakke' in the new book. They are BIG dogs but surprisingly lovable. If any of you vacationed in Scotland this summer, I'd love to hear from you and receive some of your pix.  



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