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Hi everyone, summer is definitely here in are jumpin and grandson JR caught a nice bass, his keeper; you know - that one you want to hang on the wall? Anyway, papa took it to a taxidermist, but when it came back,it was a disaster; the coloration was all wrong. So now, it's off to another, better known fella for a recolor job. His work is beautiful and we have every reason to expect a miraculous change in the fish. Ah, life in the country. 

As announced earlier this month, 'the new book' is under editing, but does now have its title; THISTLE & STONE. When you read it in the Fall, I'll leave the reasoning for the title up to you, but think you'll agree the antagonist is prickly as a thistle. It also takes place mostly in Scotland and their 'bonnie flower' is the thistle. A little time travel, a highlander ghost who haunts his grandson in 2016, a brother's greed in 1781 Scotland, a lost family estate named Wodegate; all reasons you'll like this book.

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Click into my  'Thistle & Stone - the New Book' board as there's some new photography of western Scotland and several irish wolfhounds like 'Jakke' in the new book. They are BIG dogs but surprisingly lovable so take a look.  If any of you are vacationing in Scotland this summer, I'd love to hear from you and perhaps share some of your pix.    


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