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Book Three in the Windows Trilogy



In 2011, Highbridge Estate, the 100+ year old North Yorkshire ancestral home of the Smith family is in trouble and its finances are failing. As the heir, Thomas is hard-pressed to make a success of the newly-built Copper Swift Mill and adds a small cafe' for extra revenue. His love and fiancee' Sarah, continues to hesitate to set their wedding date and he worries she's having second thoughts.   
    Someone prowls unseen in the Manor during the night to search for rumored treasure and a mysterious visitor begins to help.

     What secrets remain undiscovered at Highbridge and who's making it their business to find out? Read the family Smith's final story as they join together to bring Highbridge into the twenty-first century, and honor its past. 
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A gentle historical the Copper Swift River...takes the reader on a journey.Readers Favorite ©

I knew in order to end the Trilogy, the problems between Sarah and Thomas would need to be worked through and I really did consider ending their relationship. After all, they were very different from each other; did I really think they could live together successfully? As the story developed it did become clear that they each must remain individuals, but become accepting of each other's quirks. Linda J