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Book Two in the Windows Trilogy

DANIEL SMITHNew Zealand Passage

Daniel Smith is the 5th removed grandfather of Thomas Vail Smith whom we met in Windows. It is now 1847, Daniel and his wife  leave Scotland's poverty on an emigrant ship to the South Island of New Zealand. With few belongings, they hope to forge a better life. The posters failed to inform them of the hardships they would endure, but Daniel finds true friendship and makes a discovery that will forever change the lives of his family and those who come after him. ​​

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When Daniel Smith came into being, it was because I found an actual Daniel Smith who lived on a rental farm in the south of Scotland during the early 1800's.  He inspired me to write a story about his family and I made him a survivor as many were, then.  Because I write fiction, I was able to give him a few miracles, not that he didn't experience loss, as all do in life. - Linda J