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"My father was a heritage architect. He always had books and vintage blueprints strewn about the house when I was little. I've been familiar with various periods of design from an early age; he's why I'm an interior designer." Shelley said.

"That so?" The old gentleman said. "Then you might appreciate a couple of architectural doors in here." He motioned to the open room. "In fact, I'd like to show them to you." He led her with a visible limp. "Just this way to your left." He took a turn to another aisle that wound through more rows of doors leaning against wooden stands. High windows brought in the afternoon light through their dusty panes; sun beams caught in the beveled glass of several doors, setting off their beauty. "Ah here we are." He said. 

The doors were at least twelve feet high, almost to the ceiling; an iron lion head door pull, with a heavy ring in its mouth, was centered on each. "Truly magnificent, from the Medieval period aren't they?" She looked up and down the aisle, but the old man had disappeared.

My father would be so excited over these Shelley thought and rested her hand on the cool iron of one lion's head. Within seconds the room turned upside down. In a flash of blue light the floor no longer existed beneath her feet. She grabbed the ring in one lion's mouth for support as her perception of time and place flew away.  

Coming this Fall 2017

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"Something tells me one day will not be enough here; this is my nirvana."Shelley speaks of the salvage warehouse, Chapter 1

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