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The doors were at least twelve feet high, almost to the ceiling; an iron lion head door pull, with a heavy ring in its mouth, was centered on each. “They’re magnificent; from the medieval period aren’t they and heavy enough to defend any fortress; where are they from?” Shelley heard no reply and turned to repeat the question, but he was gone. He’d disappeared and after a glance up and down the aisle, she forgot him and returned to the giant doors. 

She reached to rest her hand on the cool iron of one lion’s head and a blue static charge flew to her fingers;  laughing, she took her hand away and thought it unusual for this time of year. 

Within seconds the room started to whirl in a flash of neon-blue light and she grabbed the nearest lions-head ring with both hands as the floor fell away from her feet. 



"Something tells me one day will not be enough here; this is my nirvana."Shelley speaks of the salvage warehouse, Chapter 1 

Thistle & Stone

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Linda J Pifer   Fiction Romance Cozy Mystery, Genealogy, Scotland Castles  

If you enjoy the idea of a Scotsman from 1776 returning to aid his grandson and reclaiming his estate... well, you get the picture.  L 

 "My father was a heritage architect. He always had books and vintage blueprints strewn about the house when I was little. I've been familiar with various periods of design from an early age; he's why I'm an interior designer." Shelley said.

"That so?" The old gentleman said. "Then you might appreciate a couple of architectural doors in here." He motioned to the open room. "In fact, I'd like to show them to you." He led with a visible limp. "Just this way to your left." He took a turn to another aisle that wound through more rows of doors leaning against wooden stands. High windows brought in the afternoon light through their dusty panes; sun beams caught in the beveled glass of several, setting off their beauty. "Ah here we are."