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THE LIST  - A Christmas short story  

The Writers Newsletter (December 2016)

December loomed large and busy; ‘Thanksgiving is next week’

Julie thought and felt a twinge in

the pit of her stomach at the amount of work about to descend upon

her; so much to do. She folded the laundry on the bed where she’d

deposited the heap from the dryer earlier and pulled on the last

blanket; Mimi the cat rolled off as her ‘bed’ was pulled away. “I want to make this year special,” Julie said aloud to no one in particular, though Mimi took note and answered with a soft ‘meow’.
    “Thank-you, I’m glad you approve,” she scratched the cat’s soft,
gray head before walking to the kitchen...

Short Stories

Crazy to Remember A short fiction  (February 2017)

Sunni Reynolds, a twenty-four year old realty agent in South Florida, is normal except for the nightmare she's experienced since age ten.

"The beach is deserted and windy, the sun glints off the water." I tell Dr. Paulding. He asks with each new session that I visualize and describe details of my nightmare, so I start at the beginning. It's like reading from the first page of an old book over and over, it's begun in the same way since I was a young girl." 

"I keep looking up at the door," I tell him. "I'm expecting something or someone, I don't know what. There's a terrible dread in me..." Unable to continue, I open my eyes to his familiar, book-lined office and chase the scene out of mind. Relief starts to flood over me and the leather sofa squeaks as I shift position to glance out the window. 

"That's all that's left," I spit out and what little patience I gathered earlier for this session departs. Doc looks like he expects more. I'm angry with myself for not pushing further and sit up to face him. "There's nothing after that."

Entered to contest for August 5 2017

Things We Can't Explain - A short story 

The Writers Newsletter (September 2016)

  "But he was real Dad, it was before..." I realize I don't remember anything after I saw him. 
  "There are things we can't explain in life, Sissy," Dad says, "and if you say he was real, then he must have been..."

While playing junior archaeologist and searching for Indian arrowheads in Ohio's heartland, Cat, short for Catharine, finds that not all discoveries are clear-cut.

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