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This book was written when I reached my sixties. Still working, I made the time to pull out pictures which were thrown in boxes for years; to sit uninterrupted and ponder just what my life had been so far and those of previous family. A peace-making, if you will, on decisions made, to understand their effects so that I could move on to the future.   Linda J   

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Born into life during WWII, little did I know I'd sample not only the fab 50's, but witness the passing of an era. Whether you're into genealogy or interested in what it was like 'then', you may find parallels between your childhood and the author's you haven't thought of in years. 

From the author. . .

'…they came to the house in hats, felt ones with some netting, or dark feathers artfully arranged, and long dark coats...' My great aunts, sisters of my grandmother.  

'…The car skidded and left the road, turning over in a ditch... Josephine and Walter were inside...'
the trip from Chicago to Shelby Ohio and my grandfather's driving style.

'…they took the children over the border to Mexico…'
my aunt's children were kidnapped by her mother-in-law in Texas and she never saw them again.' 

'…we definitely knew we were not in Kansas (or Ohio) anymore.'
my first trip alone out of Ohio to U.S. Naval bootcamp.